Web Design – A Useful and Interesting Tool for Business

The term business web design is understood by most people in their own way. Everyone has some idea of what web design is all about, but ultimately it appears nobody defines it correctly. Certain components such as graphic design or programming are involved in any discussion, but their importance in the process of making a website definitely varies from person to person and from site to site.

There are three major aspects of creating a good website design:


This include the shape and organization of website content. It includes how the text is written, how it is organized, presented and structured using technologies like HTML, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, AJAH, JASON, etc.


This refers to the organization of screen space on the website. This packaging is usually done using the above-mentioned technological tools, Flash and can include graphic elements as an ornament of navigation. The visual side of the site – it is – an obvious aspect of Web design art.


Website Developers play an important role to choose the right technology for your site. It is possible to use a variety of basic Web technologies like HTML, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, AJAH, JASON, a technology in this context often means different interactive elements created using different programming methods. These elements may be in the range of languages, operating on the client side, like JavaScript, to server applications such as Java-servlets. Programming technologies such as PHP / MySQL and ASP / SQL should also be noted.

iPad 3 Development

Apple has put a step ahead in evolution of iPad and unveils iPad 3 recently as expected with new features like retina display, 5 MP camera, voice detection, Apple A5X ARM processor and iPhoto. As you know very well the more features the device has the more complicated its application development thus, iPad 3 development is not an easy task after all.   The iPad developers at iBits are some adventurous and like to take challenges therefore they are offering their services for iPad 3 development incorporating all these new features and create an innovative applications which perhaps on other can create. This is but natural because our developers are experts at latest iPad 3 development technologies like Objective C, C++, x-code, Cocos2d, Unity 3D, IMPS, SQLite, Core animation, XML, Open GL, Core Image, iPad SDK for native apps development and HTML, CSS, and advance JavaScript for web apps development.

What iBits Offers


    • A team of iPad 3 developers which has thorough knowledge of technologies and profound experience of iOS 6 and iPad 3 applications development.
    • Dedicated, creative, reliable and talented developers for your dream project.
    • Finished project within given time line.
    • 24X7 support
    • Easy communication with your developers via email, instant messengers, live chats on our website and a phone call.
  • Provide conductive environment for production by offering infrastructural facilities like latest hardware, genuine licensed software and latest tools for development.
  • Allocate a project manager for your project who acts as a contact point for you as well as provides reports for the latest development in your project.

If you owe iPad 3 and have any idea for application development come with us we will convert your idea into reality.

iPhone iOS 4.3 Application Development

With it’s every new release of iOS Apple adds quite few new features in its devices and gives users an enhanced experience so with iOS 4.3 it has added some new features. iBits considering these new features sets its strategy of development such a way that their customers get full benefits of these features in their application development and get elaborate experience of applications usage.

Apple has added following new features in iPhone iOS 4.3:

    • Personal hotspot: With this new feature your iPhone will turn into Wi-Fi router and that can be used by upto 5 devices. This way you can use your iPhone as Wi-Fi hotspots for other devices.
    • Airplay:With this update Airplay video support has been opened up third party application so developers of third party native iOS application and third party web apps can utilize the Airplay functionality. Airplay allows multimedia content to be streamed wirelessly from iOS devices to Mac computer to compatible hardware.
    • New Message Alert: This settings will let you choose how often repeat the alert for a message from 1 to 10 times.
    • New Keyboard layout: With this update new keyboard layout is semi- transparent and user friendly, looks better than previous versions.
    • Full screen iADs: Now iADs will be supported on full screen so advertisers can take benefits of this feature the most by introducing interactive iADs.
    • New FaceTime icon: With thisupdate you will find new FaceTime icon which look better and more functional.
    • Photos: You can send recorded video out over Airplay to the Apple TV.

If you have requirement of iPhone iOS 4 application development and you are in search of reliable partner make iBits your choice we will prove the best partner for you.

iPhone Application Development

iBits is the leader in iPhone Application Development company. Our core specialization is in developing iPhone Applications that interface with an existing web server using JSON based API or iOS core libraries. iBits developers are skilled professionals in XCode, Cocoa Framework and Objective C to deliver you exactly what you want and what you need, making an application that is smooth for use and increase revenue for your business. iBits leverages on its vast and diverse experience to help businesses achieve the bottom line by delivering superior quality, cost-effective and practical iPhone Apps solutions for everyday.

Our iPhone App Development process :

Our iPhone Application Developers and Designers provide premium – quality iPhone applications with the following at their disposal :

  • Cutting edge knowledge of iOS library and its APIs.
  • Leading technical expertise in development & integration of web services, databases, APIs and optimization.
  • Clear vision of the iPhone development environment including third party tools and up and coming techniques.
  • We believe in working closely with you to ensure success.
  • We always taken an uncompromising position in respect to quality.

We develop iPhone Apps for following categories :

  • iPhone Application Development for Lifestyle
  • GPS / Location Based iPhone App Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • Business iPhone App Development
  • iPhone App Development for eBooks
  • Entertainment Apps Development for iPhone
  • iPhone Utility Apps Development
  • iPhone JSON Based API Apps Development
  • iPhone Social Networking App Development
  • iPhone App Development for Travel
  • iPhone App Development for News

If you convince that your iPhone application development ideas can be converted in reality with iBits then press Enquiry button and get in touch with our expertise.

iPhone 5 Development

With advent of technology development getting advancement so for iPhone 5. iBits deliver excel to whom crave for excellent partner.

iPhone 5 with blend of iOS6 achieving admiration from tech-savvy lot who rushes to secure their handset earlier, not only screen real estate expansion attracts them to iPhone 5, but other tons of features shipped with device and OS including fastest processor as A 6 chip, thinner and lighter technology magic in your palm, network access perhaps faster than cable with 4G LTE support, high pixel density enchanting with Retina display, high IQ digital assistant Siri, enthralling photography lovers with 8 MP camera and so on. As an end user you are in win-win situation, but as a developer iPhone 5 development is more challenging game with many opportunities and unexpected dimensions. Have a great idea for an iPhone 5 app to play an advance game in App store with our arsenals-our iPhone 5 developers? Let’s put the brush on your art piece-your concept, with our colors-planning, wireframming, prototyping,designing, coding, testing, etc. to create a master piece to initiate infinite numbers of downloading in App store by smart iPhone 5 users for an

app that would be an outcome of our combine an effort. We know the aligning latest features and functionality in coding even with new environment of Xcode is not a child play to do that we have more confidence with the aid of the profound experience, creativity, skills, talents and dedication of our expert iPhone 5 developers for iPhone 5 development. Mobile gaming is always hungry for speed, eye candy graphics and screen real estate and iPhone 5 has all to boost morale of our iPhone 5 game developers to grant excellent gaming experience in terms of usability, smooth game play, options for more complex games, attractive, intuitive and engaging games and many more. Our iPhone 5 development will permanently fix the user interface and layout stretchability for future screen resolution changes with the help of Cocoa Auto Layout strategy. Optimal usage of camera, iCloud, Newsstand, reminders and Notification center is a guarantee with our clean, compact, bug free and comprehensive coding. Since you are coming from different culture than us, different time zones and different languages we always strive to see you always in a comfortable mood and we achieve this by excellent communication ability and understanding of different cultures of you and your target audience of our developers as well as with latest communication tools like IMs

and live chat which are available for 24X7.

The Best Web Site Hosting Companies – Factors That You Should Look Out For

“There are criteria to select the very best web hosts. The most common factors to think about are unlimited web storage space and bandwidth, appropriate use policy, and uptime assurance.”


Unlimited Web Disk Space And Bandwidth

You would certainly get what you pay when it comes to getting web hosting packages. You shouldn’t fall as a prey to deceptive promises by some services about their ability to provide limitless web storage space and bandwidth. Always remember that even the ideal web site hosts wouldn’t be able to afford to give such options for free. That’s because they also pay money for every gigabyte of storage space and bandwidth they use and sell. Unrealistic promotion could be rampant in this marketplace.

If your web site is personal and wouldn’t use much space and storage for files, you may prefer the ideal web site hosts which give low-priced or even free services. On the other hand, for business needs, it is sensible to select providers that offer and provide such at reasonable charges. To be safe, carefully go through the terms of service provisions of your web host.

Appropriate Use Policy

The best web site hosting companies have cared-for web servers which lead to higher speed. As a result, the overall performance of the site could be superior. The service provider should always be sure that no server, especially the one used in your site, would be unplugged.

A web server could hold up to 300 distinctive sites at the same time. Your online site could use the same server as websites that post illegal article content. If such unethical web sites are penalized, the web server could be unplugged briefly or for good. You must not be in the same server as those unwanted sites. The acceptable use policy would allow you identify if the host is taking care of unwanted web sites and users in their servers.
The ideal web site hosts could ensure your hosting server would never be unplugged or blacklisted. They would assure you that your site is put in a server along with other web sites that are reliable and profitable enough to be up constantly.
Uptime Assurance For Your Web Site

No websites could be possibly up all of the time. But your online web site could be up most of the time, or up to 99.9% of the time. That is if you select and utilize the services of the best web hosts. Before you choose the services of a provider, ensure it would assure you of the uptime.